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Troops & Range & Attack Empty Troops & Range & Attack

Post  Cyrus on Fri Aug 21, 2009 8:48 pm

Each unit has a specific unmodified 'base' range which it can attack from. For quick reference, these ranges are:

Infantry Range :
Worker = 10
Warrior = 20
Swordsman = 30
Pikeman = 50
Archer = 1200

Horse Range :
Cataphract = 80
Cavalry = 100

Mechanics/Siege Engines Range:
Battering Ram = 600
Ballista = 1400
Catapult = 1500

City Defences Range :
Traps = 5000
Abatis = 5000
Archer's Towers = 1300
Rolling Logs = 1300
Defensive Trebuchets = 5000

Battle Mechanics :
Battles start at the maximum attack or firing range of the longest ranged participating unit(s). So for example, if there are catapults in a battle, the first round starts at 1500 range, with archers in a battle the first round starts at 1200 range, for a warrior-only battle the first round starts at 20 range, and so on. On round one all units with the longest commencing range will attack, and all other units will close up by their movement speed (adjusted for Horse Riding level). All Battles are made up of rounds which repeat until the victor is decided or the Battle defaults to the defender on 100 rounds, with surviving attackers retreat.

Archery Technology :
Archery Technology boosts shooting range 5% per level. It has not been made known what exactly benefits from this extended shooting range, however probably all troops requiring Archery to build (ie: Archers, Archer's Towers, Ballistae, and Catapults will benefit from it.

If your Archery level is the maximum at L10, and an opponent has the minimum L6 for Ballistae, then your Archers will have 1800 range, and the opponent's Ballista 1820. So it is impossible for Archers to ever outrange Ballistae, unless the opponent has opened a Mechanics Battalion. It is impossible for anything to out range Catapults as they require L10. Likewise, it is impossible to increase Catapult range by research as it's already maxed out.

Range :
Archery LevelBallistaArcherArcher's TowersCatapult
5 1750150016251875
9 2030174018952175

Troops & Range & Attack Ranges

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